Over 60 PJP Sandwiches were sold from May 1 until August 11, 2012.

On May 1, 2012, Cindy Meinecke, owner of Brick Street Bake Shoppe, introduced the PJP Sandwich. It was a delicious "Peanut butter and Jelly grilled to Perfection" sandwich to benefit Project Jai Play. Meinecke committed ten percent of all sales throughout the summer to benefit the special project fund raising money for soft playground surfaces.

Augusta responded!

Over 60 PJP Sandwiches were sold from May 1 until August 11, 2012. Meinecke met with Jaime Simpson, Project Jai Play co-founder, this week to present her with the check.

"Every little bit counts and we are proud to be a part of Project Jai Play," Cindy stated. "We hope to release the PJP Sandwich again this summer so that we can continue our support of soft playground surfaces."

"We have been so busy with fundraisers, events and ribbon-cuttings that Cindy and I haven't had time to sit down and go over how many PJPs she sold but I know Cindy added a bit to the total. She's that kind of giving person and we love her for it," stated Simpson. "I know I bought at least a dozen of those PJP sandwiches. And I know Garfield's principal Kim Clark came in one day and ordered them for her staff. The sandwiches are amazing and the staff agreed!"

"Cindy is one of my clients and when I told her about Project Jai Play, without hesitation, she wanted to know how she could help," Simpson added. "What better than a sandwich to promote our cause? The funny thing is that my daughter Jaiden doesn't like the PJP sandwich - named after her. But my daughter Jordyn adores them! We can't wait until Cindy starts serving them up again."

Nothing beats a PJP Sandwich. Who knew a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich could taste so good? Well, at least 60 people now know and Project Jai Play benefitted from their appetite.

To learn more about Project Jai Play, go to www.SoftSurfaceTheWorld.com. All donations made to Project Jai Play are tax-deductible under the Central Kansas Community Foundation of Butler County.