WICHITA—The five seniors on Augusta's boys bowling team had an idea.

They've been bowling together since middle school, and they think they can make their final year a big one for the program.

If Tuesday's performance was any indication, they will.

The Orioles had three bowlers top a 600 series - and that was after a slow start - and they easily defeated Newton 2564-2358 to win the match. The girls team won 2159-2012 to complete the varsity sweep.

Kayl Warne, Isaac Gonzalez and Sam Davis are three of the seniors who are expecting big things this year. Warne and Gonzalez both started Game 2 with a big streak. Warne hit seven strikes in a row while Gonzalez hit eight. Gonzalez even got a little nervous as a perfect 300 game became a possibility.

"When I went up for my ninth shot when I had eight in a row, I was trembling all over," Gonzalez said.

"It's pretty awesome. It's so much more fun," Warne said about getting on a roll at the same his teammates do.

Davis hit 6 of 7 strikes to start, then had six straight strikes in Game 3. He finished with games of 159, 224 and 230 for a 613 series. Gonzalez had games of 175, 254 and 205 for a 613 series. Warne topped 200 all three games (205, 275, 236) and finished with a 716 series to lead the Orioles.

The only blemish in their performance was the team's relatively slow start. But the Orioles are confident that once someone gets going, they'll all starting hitting.

"A big part of that is getting the whole team's energy pumped up," Gonzalez said. "Because once one person gets on, then the whole team starts feeling it."

Gonzalez takes on that role probably a little more noticeably than the others. He isn't afraid to give a shout to get himself and his teammates pumped up.

"Once everybody is going, strikes start coming," Warne said.

Their success throughout the years has spurred competition, but in a good way.

"I think, of course, we're always trying to beat other, but in the end, you kind of want everyone striking because it builds the energy," Davis said. "...It's almost like a family anymore. We've known each other for so long."

The other seniors are Brock Keazer, who bowled a 495 series, and Eric Smith, who bowled a 551 series. But both are capable of being big-time contributors. That amount of depth makes the Orioles dangerous come time for Regionals.

On the girls side, some of the Orioles are making strong cases to be more than just compliments to team veterans Bethany Watson and Katy Nordman. Hannah Trudell bowled games of 192, 181 and 151 for a 524 series, right behind Watson’s 525 series (157, 153, 215). Nordman bowled a team-high 545 series, which included a team game-high 205 as well as 155 and 185. Cheyenne Brunhoeber bowled a 499 series while Madison Marcotte bowled a 494 series.

The JV boys were defeated by Newton. The JV girls beat Newton. Augusta returns to action tomorrow in McPherson.