Augusta's dance team has had some brilliant routines throughout the school year. Now it has some hardware to show for it.

The dance team won five total awards for its three routines at the Miss Kansas State Festival this past weekend. One of those awards includes the Sweepstakes award, which recognizes teams that have an average score between 85 and 100 for all three routines.

A more prestigious award includes the Shining Star Award, which is given to teams that scored 90 or better on all three routines.

The dance team earned two judges awards—Polish and Perfection, Technique—for its hip hop performance, as well as the Showmanship and Energy award for its lyrical routine.

Members of the dance team are seniors Kennadi Kropf, Ashley Reischick and Jenna Reynolds, as well as Cassidy Wheatley, Allison Scott, Hannah Carey, Haley Schild and Shelby Clay.

The dance team is coached by Kristie Haskell.