Ruth Basquez never intended to be an author, but her life’s journey put her in touch with a new calling.

Ruth Basquez never intended to be an author, but her life’s journey put her in touch with a new calling. She is passionate about evangelism and is now using her remarkable gift of writing to help others.

Writing is just one of her talents. Music has always been a big part of her life. She grew up in a large family and learned to enjoy singing and playing the piano.

The music was a part of her family’s love of God. “I’ve always loved music. I remember singing when I was three years old. My brother Larry and my dad both played the guitar, my mom played the harmonica and I played the piano. We sang at lots of churches,” she shared.

While her parents were raising three of their own children, they opened their home to four of Ruth’s cousins. They raised seven children and made Christ the center of their home. Their material life was meager, but their spiritual life was rich with love and devotion.

“Daddy was a cement finisher. He had to travel a lot. He worked very hard and made sacrifices for us. Mom stayed at home and kept us on track when he was gone,” she explained.

As a high school student, Ruth worked and helped her family. She was employed at Calvert’s department store in Augusta and her first job there was steaming clothes, but later became the youngest sales clerk when she joined the Ladies’ department. After Calvert’s she worked for the R.A. Haines Insurance Co.

She married her high school sweetheart Gene Basquez and they began a life of full-time service to evangelism and to their family.

Ruth’s father died of a heart attack at the young age of 58 in 1973. Her mother would end up living independently in her own home, but next to Ruth and Gene.

The couple worked many years as honorary ministers of music for the First Church of God, but life changed when Gene was disabled in a car wreck in 1974.

“We didn’t know what we were going to do and while he was in rehab we found about about the missionary program Project Partners in Christ,” Ruth said.

The couple learned that the program needed work camp leaders, pilots and stewardesses. Gene became a pilot and Ruth, a stewardess. The couple worked in the program for five years.

Their gospel music remained important through the years and at one time, the couple even recorded an album, Walking on Higher Ground,” at Rainbow Studio in Dallas.

Ruth explained that like most people, they have experienced lots of good times and a few difficult ones. In 2002 Gene underwent triple by-pass heart surgery and only three weeks later, Ruth underwent quadruple by-pass surgery.

Her mother became ill with congestive heart failure and cancer. In 2005, Ruth and her sister Pat began caring for their mother around-the-clock so she was able to stay in her own home as long as possible. Two years later, they were forced to place her in a nursing facility.

“When that time finally came, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” she continued, “I was in a Bible study and the teacher encouraged me to make a Praise Book to God. I thought and prayed about how I could accomplish that - it’s always been difficult for me to express myself. The words never come out the way I want them to. But God ignited my heart and showed me. He gave me a poem.”

Ruth and Gene lost another important person in their lives when his father passed away last November.

Through contacting an old acquaintance she received some good advice about publishing her work and her path was set.

“It took a lot of prayer. I believe that I receive just enough light for the step that I’m on - the book has become another step. He’s not finished with me,” she said.

Her newly published book “In His Quietness” is the result of struggles and grief - and the moments that she has shared with God in his quietness.

Ruth’s collections of poems and devotionals are inspirational, encouraging and positive. Readers can make a personal connection to their own life's journey.

The book can be purchased locally at Cooper Drug, Brick Street Bake Shoppe, Patti’s Place, and the Augusta Historical Museum. To purchase online, go to:, Barnes &, and