Jeff Masters wants to see El Dorado “get back on track” and that is why he decided to run for mayor.

Jeff Masters wants to see El Dorado "get back on track" and that is why he decided to run for mayor.

"I believe the town is being run at half-throttle," he said. "I'm willing to do this (run for mayor) for the town because I believe I can make it a better town and a better place for our kids. I believe the commission has missed a lot of opportunities they shouldn't be turning down."

There are several actions the City Commission has taken in the past with which he does not agree.

"Who spends $167,000 on the water park?" he asked. "It doesn't make us a dime."

He also questioned the $2 million he said has been spent on bike paths in the city.

He said that money should have been put into some kind of grant to help young entrepreneurs who are trying to start businesses in El Dorado, which would provide jobs for young people.

"We have no jobs for the younger generation," he said.

Another way he would like to help encourage business growth in the town is by getting people to shop locally.

"I want people from El Dorado to buy from the businesses in El Dorado," he said. "If there is something we don't have, I want to work on getting it here."

Downtown he also wants to enforce the two-hour parking limit and go back to marking tires because he said business owners are complaining people are parking for eight hours a day in front of their businesses.

He also addressed the schools.

"I just don't believe we needed a new middle school and we paid top dollar for that land," he added.

He mentioned the associated costs to the city with the middle school, including extending the water line.

"I think too many pockets are being padded," Masters said. "I believe the city has wasted a lot of money."

When looking at facilities in El Dorado, he believes there could be a better use for the old middle school. One proposition he would have for it is something for girls.

"There's nothing in El Dorado for girls," he said.

He thought the old middle school would be a good location for a cosmetology school.

"Somehow I want to start something for young women to have something to make a living," he said.

He also suggested parenting classes could be held there.

Looking at the growth of the city, Masters questioned why the growth is being pushed to the north of the city, when he said the comprehensive plan for the city shows projected growth to the south.

Masters also wants to see additions to the entertainment options in El Dorado.

He said if he wants to go do something with his daughters there are only the options of bowling, movies or skating.

He suggests putting in a paint ball or laser tag facility or maybe a go cart track.

"Something to keep our kids out of jail and off the streets," he said.

On the issue of the city-owned golf course, Masters had no comment at this time, wanting to look into the details of Prairie Trails further.

He is opposed to selling water to Wichita, and even thought they should reconsider selling water to Augusta so the city does not run out of water.

A goal for Masters would be to get the community more involved in what is going on.

"I would like the citizens of El Dorado to turn their TVs on to Channel 7," he said. "They don't have to be at the meeting, just watch it and if they hear something important come on down."

Masters said he is not a political person and is not a Democrat or Republican; rather he just believes in right and wrong.

"Honestly, I just want to go back to the good old town," Masters said.

Masters has been married to a registered nurse who works in Wichita for 14 years.

Masters owns Jetco Construction, which he started when he was 17 years old. He is a licensed and insured general contractor.