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by Garon Cockrell
Tosh.O: "Cardigans Plus Casual Jackets" DVD Review
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Jan. 5, 2013 5:20 p.m.

The third DVD volume of the

television program Tosh.O features

host Daniel Tosh wearing cardigans and then casual jackets. Yes, thatís how he

differentiates various seasons of the program. In earlier volumes he wore

hoodies and deep V-neck shirts.

I have to wonder if anyone particularly

cares what Daniel Tosh wears. Iíd prefer to think not. But if heís going to

keep up with the idea of wearing a different type of outfit each season, here are

a few suggestions:

  1. Fur coats (He could wear a

    different animal each week. Some good choices would be fox, chinchilla,

    raccoon, beaver, squirrel and monkey.)

  2. Boy band concert T-shirts

    (But only from shows he actually attended himself. You know he owns a bunch.)

  3. Clothing of dead celebrities

    (He could purchase them at auctions or estate sales, and then viewers would

    have to guess which celebrity each outfit once belonged to.)

Okay, enough of that. For those

who are unfamiliar with this television show, the basic idea behind it is that

comedian Daniel Tosh shows videos found on the internet and then pokes fun at

them. It sounds simple, and it is, but it is also often quite funny. Cardigans Plus Casual Jackets is a

three-disc set featuring fifteen episodes as well as a lot of bonus material.

This set has plenty that got me

laughing. In the first episode, the video of the little kid parallel parking

his toy car is great. Tosh says, ďI will

give you a hundred dollars if you can teach my Asian girlfriend to do that
  And in a later episode we get to watch an

Asian woman trying to park.  While

showing a video of two girls fighting, Tosh comments, ďIt starts out like anything with a girl Ė with a lot of talking

The Video Breakdown of the

weightlifter is really good. But from that episode I especially love Tosh

ripping on Tom Cruise and Scientology (and Christianity too, for good measure).

He talks about how Tom Cruise will sue anyone who even hints that he might be

gay. Then he asks the two girls in the Web Redemption segment if they think

heís gay. In place of their actual answer, we hear this voice over: ďNo, I do not. There is absolutely no way

that Tom Cruise is gay
.Ē Perfect. That entire segment is really good. (And

during the closing credits of that episode there is a bit more, including a

funny reference to Magnolia.)

Other Web Redemption segments

include the Tron Guy (though it isnít really a redemption as he didnít mess up

in an online video in the first place), a crying New York Giants fan (Daniel

Tosh helps him put things into perspective), and a cheerleader who got trampled

by the football team.

Probably my favorite Web

Redemption is with the little girl who threw back a foul ball at a baseball

game after her father caught it and handed it to her. Of course, Daniel Tosh is

way off the mark when he criticizes the game of baseball, which is by far the

best sport. But what I particularly love is that Clay Buchholz makes an awesome

guest appearance in this segment.

Of course, some bits go on too long, like the wrestling

bit in the second episode. And the eyeball montage is the first thing in this

show I actually turned away from. Enjoy.

Bonus Features

The third disc includes quite a

lot of bonus material. Most of it is extended Web Redemption interviews. Of

that footage, by far my favorite is his interview with the sorority girl. When

he talks about her initiation into his own sorority, he tells her, ďYou have to pay me to be my friend. Itís

okay. Everyone does it. Itís kind of like Scientology, but less queer

Interestingly, most of the folks come off pretty well in these extended


Also included in the bonus

features is Daniel Toshís full ten-minute spoiler of the film Orphan. I havenít seen this movie, but

now I want to. Am I demented? It sounds awful.

Rounding out the bonus features

are several short interviews with some of the programís crew members, including

a graphic artist, a writer, a couple of people in post, and the showís stylist

(the stylist talks about possible future clothing options for Daniel).

Tosh.O: Cardigans Plus Casual Jackets was released on December 21,

2012. Itís sold exclusively at Walmart, and for that reason

I was reluctant to review it. Iíd prefer if no one ever shopped at that

particular store. So if you decide to purchase this one, try to find another

way to obtain it. But donít steal it. The good folks at Comedy Central deserve

to get their cut. Just try to keep Walmart from getting a cent.

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