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In response to someone missing the lights in the Park and "we" need to bring them back: Every year we would run articles in the paper asking for help putting the lights up, changing light bulbs or any kind of help we could get. The last year we put them up we had two ladies come for 1-1/2 hours each and a man and his two little girls came for three hours. That was all the help we got from the people of Augusta. No matter what the weather was doing we would be out there working as hard and fast as we could to get the lights ready by Thanksgiving night. Some times we didn't even get to have Thanksgiving Dinner with our families because we were dedicated to get them ready. Where were you when "WE" needed you!!


Whether agreeing or disagreeing with the Mayor or voting 8-0 on an issue is beside the point. The behavior of some on the City Council is ridiculous. That is what many citizens are upset about.