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Tosh.O: “Deep V’s” (2012) DVD Review
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Dec. 28, 2012 5:15 p.m.

Tosh.O is one of

those shows like Mystery Science Theater 3000 where you think, Geez, I could

have come up with that idea. But you didn’t. So just enjoy the show. For those

who are unfamiliar with the program, it’s basically a comedian, Daniel Tosh,

showing internet videos and poking fun at them. There is more to it, of course.

Episodes feature video breakdowns, web redemptions and viewer videos. This

three-disc set includes sixteen episodes, plus quite a bit of bonus material.

I like that Daniel

Tosh is unafraid of poking fun at the very folks who make his show popular. At

the beginning of the first episode he mentions how people voted online as to

what he should wear on the show. He then says, “And I want you to know your

votes were wasted. They didn’t count. Your opinions are stupid
.” Maybe I’m a

bad person, but I love that stuff. I also love the shot of the woman choking on

a cupcake, particularly when the person trying to save her ends up smashing her

head against the table.

In the second episode

he shows a video of a black guy tossing his daughter toward a basketball hoop

so she can make a basket. Tosh says, “This is what the WNBA needs – men

throwing women closer to the basket. The most impressive part of that clip is

seeing a black father spend time with his child
.” Daniel Tosh is best when

making those sorts of fearless observations.

About comedy he says

(in the eighth episode), “The only reason I got into comedy was because I found

out when you have a real job you’re not allowed to talk openly about abortion

Perfect. And in the ninth episode there is a video of a baby seated inside a

hollowed-out watermelon. Tosh quips, “I can’t wait for Gallagher to smash this one.” (That episode also has the best “Web Redemption,”

with a completely incompetent weatherman.)

Sometimes the show

gets bogged down with a segment. In the third episode, there is a little too

much time spent on the “What What In The Butt” bit, and so instead of laughing you

have time to reflect on the whole idea of the series. On the one hand, it’s

great that anyone can be famous for doing a stupid video online. On the other

hand, it’s totally sad and depressing that our culture has degenerated to this


And of course Daniel

Tosh is completely wrong about soccer (see the fifth episode). Soccer is a

great game – a much better game than American football.

Where he completely

loses me is when he rips into Shakespeare in the tenth episode. First Tosh says

that all theatre is bad. Then: “And Shakespeare’s the worst of all. No one

understands what thou art talking about. Hamlet. More like Ham-shit
.” I have to

assume he’s joking. But it’s not funny. Ham-shit?

Really? What makes me sad is the audience laughed. That means they’re all too

stupid to understand Shakespeare themselves, and now feel somehow validated in

not being about to understand it. So rather than try to improve themselves,

they’ll feel better about their level of idiocy. And what’s to keep these

morons from reproducing? Someone needs to stop them.

DVD Bonus Features

This three-disc set

features a lot of bonus material, all of it on the third disc. The first bonus

feature is the full 24-minute spoiler for The Human Centipede. I watched this

right after watching the film (as I hadn’t seen The Human Centipede before, and

didn’t want it actually spoiled), and it totally cracked me up. Because yes,

there are some stupid things in the film. Why did the girls suddenly wander into

the woods? And how did the doctor get the human centipede upstairs each time?

And yes, those drawings are done by a five-year-old. This bonus feature is

funnier than a lot of the material in the actual episodes. But he does mess up

the order of things a bit.

The bonus features

also include the extended bit on how Daniel Tosh would fare in fights with

celebrities, and an extended sequence on Things You Should Never Run Into A

Room And Yell.

But most of the bonus

material is extended interviews with the people appearing in the Web Redemption


Tosh.O: Deep V’s was

released on DVD and Blu-ray on December 21, 2012.

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