Augusta’s 8th-grade boys basketball A team held off Goddard-Eisenhower’s rally to win 55-54 earlier this week. Jake Lanier had a team-high 17 points for the Buejays.

Dallin Marlnee added nine, Kade Trebbe and Jake Becker both had eight, Jayden Reynolds added seven and Raef Hilt had six.

The 8th-grade B team lost 44-12. Collin Eldringhoff led the Bluejays with five points.

Nate Kelly and Noah Johnson had 16 points apiece in the 7th-grade A team’s 51-45 win. Jonny Clausing added 11 and Clay Wesbrooks added eight.

Grady Tole led the Bluejays with nine in the 7th-grade B team’s 23-15 win. Dylan Stevenson and Tyler Johnson both added four. Shea Dennett and Seth McGuire had two apiece, while Colton Barnett and Corbin Collier added one apiece.