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  • Many of us appreciate the police and school district making our kids feel safer following the terrible tragedy. Thank you!------------------------
    I watched our City Council meeting Monday night in horror. How could adults behave in such a manner? Four council people hate our mayor so intensely that they let it motivate every decision they make. They have obviously forgotten that they were put there by voters, who they are supposed to represent. Instead, they have personal agendas that are more important. If Mr. Martin is smart, he won’t align himself with that force.
    I was very proud of Mayor Williams at Monday’s meeting. She is able to keep her cool while dealing with babies. Those babies need to know that the public is not as dumb as they think. It was very clear that they had discussed and planned before the meeting to throw a fit about the appointment of Mr. Reavis.
    It would be nice if some of our City Council people would get down to doing the business they were elected to do and quit knit-picking every little detail to prove how smart they think they are. It’s not working. Get a clue.
    A warning to those council members who plan on trying to say that Ron Reavis is unfit or unqualified to serve on a committee to which he was appointed -- they’d better look in the mirror. Do we need to examine each of them??
    I am a senior citizen who would very much like to water and keep my trees alive. I was very disappointed that my councilman Mr. Malone has a real problem with allowing me to water in the daytime. His arguments did not make any sense.
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