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The Sarah Silverman Program. Season 3 DVD Review
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Dec. 13, 2012 12:01 a.m.

I love The Sarah Silverman Program. Earlier this year the complete series was released on DVD in a wonderful box set. And now the third season has been released on its own. This gave me an excuse to revisit these episodes.
This two-disc set features all ten episodes from the third season, as well as a lot of bonus material. In the season's first episode, Sarah pokes fun at people saying "ATM machine" (something that drive me bonkers). That episode also boasts the only use of the phrase "the hermaphrodite trash can at the hospital" in a television series (as far as I know, anyway). The first two episodes lack the joke morals at the end (something earlier episodes featured). But they do have musical numbers. In fact, the second episode begins with a country tune about pancakes, and then has two more songs. And Sarah's sister Laura is absolutely adorable in that furry costume.
"Just Breve" is one of the season's best episodes. In this one, Steve sees a commercial for adult diapers, decides he wants a baby, and builds a robot. I actually really felt for that robot - am I demented?
But every episode has hilarious bits. "A Good Van Is Hard To Find' has one of the best lines ever, when Sarah tells a child, "Just go in my mouth." And in "Wowschwitz," I love the "Mahna Mahna" reference.
The series does tackle important issues such as censorship and the right for everyone to be able to get married. It's interesting that while it makes fun of television programs for tacking on cliche morals, the show manages to make some strong statements itself. Somehow it's able to do both simultaneously (and without ever losing sense of the comedy).
Season Three also has great guest stars, like Bill Maher, Bradley Whitford (as Toby Grossnickel), Stephen Tobolowsky, Patton Oswalt (as a creepy van guy who has, along with Nazi paraphernalia, a glossy photo of George W. Bush - perfect), Ed Asner as a Nazi, and Billy Crudup (in a wonderful appearance as himself on Laura's late-night talk show).
Bonus Features
This two-set includes a lot of special features. Some of the episodes contain commentary tracks. There is a half-hour feature in which the writers and producers talk about creating the show, casting, writing, the dog, and pooping (yes, some if it is juvenile and stupid, but admittedly so). There is a short question and answer segment recorded at Largo. There is also a half-hour behind the scenes feature.
I dig the Breve animatic (I can't get enough of that robot), but one of my favorite special features is "Safety Tips With Sarah St. Claire," which I'm not going to spoil by talking about. The original pilot is also included in the bonus features, as are Jay Johnston's audition video, and two Steve Agee videos, including "Litter Box."
The Sarah Silverman Program: Season 3 is scheduled to be released on December 18, 2012 through Shout! Factory. If the holidays are getting you down, The Sarah Silverman Program will raise your spirits. Enjoy!

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