A look at our past



A Victory Corps for students at Augusta High School was being organized. The program was to guide the students into war activity such as Red Cross, Air Raid Wardens, First Aid, etc.

Bert Shore’s dog, “Red” or otherwise known as the “Gazette Dashchund,” made front page news by killing its first rat.

An A Cappella Choir had been formed at AHS with 61 members.

Augusta City Council approved a contract with the Haliburton Cement Co. to repair half of the dam at the City Lake.



Evergreen was wrapped around lamp poles downtown and real trees were displayed outside each store. Lights were strung across the streets and wreaths were on display.

The C.R. Calvert and Co. Store window had a display that people were flocking to see. An angel turned slowly, run by a motor and in the other window, Frosty the Snowman.

President Truman issued a proclamation calling upon the country to observe Dec. 10th - United Nations Human Rights Day by giving thanks for the “priceless heritage” of liberty.

The AHS senior class presented their play, “I Remember Mama.”



The City Council approved granting free parking privileges downtown for the seven prior to Christmas.

The City Council also approved the purchase of new mercury vapor-type street lighting for State St. and along 7th St., as well. The mercury lights would provide 5 1/2 times as much light.

Western Auto, 522 State, was advertising Christmas toys: Daisy Auto Rifle, $2.88; Western Flyer Bike, $43.95; Junior Scat Pedal Car, $13.50 and Shari Lewis Hand Puppets, $.88 each.



A winter storm, packing sleet and snow, arrived and the City Street Department spread 12 tons of salt and sand on the streets.

Dean Skaer had retired from the Mobil refinery. He became associated with Mobil Oil as a chemist in 1942 after a few years as a teacher.

The Augusta Orioles defeated the Valley Center Hornets 47-46 at home. The victory came on two free throws by Dennis Roberts with 29 seconds on the clock.



Disposable paperboard trays had replaced plastic food trays at Robinson School.

The Elmer and Alice Simon family was selected as the Knights of Columbus Family of the Month for their church and community work.

Vicki Harder would succeed Peggy Palmer as Augusta School District Board of Education clerk.

Prairie State Bank had a new $200,000 Burroughs B-920 computer with accessories.



Jon Nesler and Gabe Garcia were returning to the AHS wrestling team as the only state finishers from the previous season.

The Knebler asphalt plant sold for $185,000 to a buyer at an auction held at the L.A. Knebler Construction Co. site west of town.

The Oriole basketball team clinched its first championship trophy for the season in the Augusta Invitational Tournament.



Three inches of snow fell and more was expected. Schools were closed.

The Augusta Board of Education was again wrestling with the problem of unpaid school fees. What to do about the uncollected student fees would be back on their agenda.

Augusta’s J.J. Pittman was ranked second in Class 4A wrestling and David Henning was ranked sixth.