A former military man runs coast-to-coast in honor of fallen comrades in Project America Run.

Within the last three years, Mike Ehredt has spent a total of more than 8 months criss-crossing the United States by foot as part of Project America Run, an initiative he started as a way of honoring the more than 6,500 soldiers who have lost their lives in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2010, Ehredt ran a marathonís length or more each day as he traveled from Astoria, Ore., to Rockland, Me., a path on which he placed 4,424 American flags honoring soldiers or Marines who lost their lives in Iraq. Now, to conclude his initiative with Project America Run II, Ehredtís traversing the U.S. from north to south, again running a marathonís length each day for 81 consecutive days. He departed International Falls, Minn., on August 23 for Galveston, Tex. †This time, at every mile, heís placing American flags ó 2,140 to be exact ó for soldiers who have lost their lives in Afghanistan.† Heís scheduled to arrive in Galveston on November 11, Veteranís Day. Watch Ehredt on his run and learn more about Project America Run in the above video.