8th Grade Boys
The EMS 8th grade boys A team was victorious over the Ark City Bullpups winning 49-23.  
“The EMS Cats played a complete game, scoring quickly on offense and reeking havoc on defense,” said coach Geoffrey Talboy.
Cole Roberts led the Cats with 21 points. Preston Arnold scored  6 points and Tyler Michaelis had 5 points.
Colby Johnson and Kyle Koehler each had 4 points.
Trevor Burnett added 3 points, Dylan Brown, James Phillips and Brock Harvey each had two points.
The B Team was able to hold off a last minute barrage to win 30-27 over the Bullpups.
James Phillips led with 8 points. Chris Rauth, Mason Holmes, Braden Andrews, Hunter Minium each had 4 points.
Andrew Meyer, Nate Jacobs and Antonio Starr each added two points in the victory.
On Thursday the boys took on the Circle T-Bolts the A team was defeated  35-43.
Cole Roberts led with 10 points. Kyle Koehler poured in 6 points. Trevor Burnett and Colby Johnson each had 5 points.
Tyler Michaelis, Preston Arnold and Dylan Brown each had three points.
The B team lost 11-38.
Hunter Minium had three points. James Phillips, Andrew Meyer, Bailey Farrell and Braden Andrews each had two points.

8th Grade Girls
The 8th grade B team defeated Ark City 33-13. Leading scores came from Amber Henley with 5 points, Maddison Yager had 6 points and Lexi Garcia, Erin Storrer and Maddison Runnion all with 4 points.
The A team was also victorious by the score of 32-16.
Leading scorers were Mikala Ruff with 8 points. Colbi Phillips with 7 points and Caedyn Reinhardt with 6 points.

7th Grade Boys
The EMS 7th grade A team was beaten by Ark City 45-9.  
Levi Saltsman had  4 points. Dylan Brown andDylan Morrell each had two points and Zachary Thurman added a point.        
The B team was defeated by Ark City 45-6.
B. Sarkett had 4 points and H. Armijo and E. Crank each added a point.
On Thursday the El Dorado A team was beaten by Circle 50-16.
Dylan Morrell led with 8 points.  Ethan Hanks had 6 points and Kaiden Clites had two points.            
The El Dorado B team lost to Circle 25-11.
J. Jones led with 4 points. B. Sarkett added three points and D. Brown and E. Crank each had two points.