Towanda Street safety

Dear Editor:

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter. As a citizen of El Dorado, I am extremely concerned with the safety of Towanda west of Fredrick Drive. The street is poorly lit and narrow. Since the addition of the student housing near the stadium and the stadium its self, there is heavy traffic on this street, much of that being pedestrians and bikes. The pedestrians and bikes walk and ride on both sides of the street, not following any of the rules of the road.. I have nearly hit several of them stopped on the edge of the road, in the dark. and The hill there it is impossible to see ahead. The street its self is somewhat rough which compounds the hazardous situation. Please, please take action to correct or improve this situation before someone loses there life or is seriously injured walking to and from school. Please respond with your thoughts and what will be done to resolve this situation.. thanks again.


- Lisa M. Jack, El Dorado