Middle school proposals

Dear Editor:

As the parent of a middle school and high school student, I must side with the proposal which favors the elders of our community. Many of our seniors have very little upon which to live on monthly. They must make hard choices as to where their money does go, safe and proper housing should NOT be one of the choices they should have to make. This proposal serves the community of people, who quite frankly, with their taxpayer dollars kept it going for so long, why not give back to them?

I would like to say now that I am extremely opposed to option #2. I feel that demolition (even partial) of such a historic building in this town should surely be met with some sort of historical society opposition. Our town has one of the few remaining "downtown districts." The cost and expense of $600,000 a year for however long, should be brought to a public vote at the very least. It is hard enough to eek taxpayer dollars out to teach our students.

I understand that the alternative school portion of our school district needs a larger space, but the school is already using the old Food 4 Less building for nothing more than storage. Can this space not be leased for conversion to house the alternative students? The program could possibly be expanded from 40 students to more, giving each student, even those who seem to want to fall through the cracks, for whatever reason, the opportunity at a diploma and not just quitting, maybe getting a GED, and trying to succeed in the world. Quite possibly, this program could help some of our children stay out the also overburdened prison system.

This building has an asking price currently of $816,000 with 33,000 sf available. A ONE time payment of roughly (given that building has been on the market a while) versus an estimated 9 million dollars to support option 2 over 15 years? REALLY?? That is a mind boggling number. Demolish part of a building and ask taxpayers to pay an extreme amount of money for it? I am not sure El Dorado as a whole knows exactly what is being proposed here. I understand this is a fact finding endeavour at this point, but really? If our opinions really matter, I vote we take care of our beloved senior citizens and at the same time expand into a long empty building and help the kids who will be future taxpayers. I choose option 1 and rally for option #3.


- Barbara Bobbitt, El Dorado