A look at our past



The city was without a garbage man and the city fathers were rushing around to find someone else to handle the job at $100 per month. The man who had been the contractor to pick up the trash had quit without notice.

It was established that more water was leaking out through the dam at the city lake than both the city and refinery were using. A contractor had been notified to repair the leak.

Two hundred and thirty Augustans enjoyed the annual turkey dinner at the Methodist Church.

The Augusta Kiwanis Club celebrated its 22nd birthday at the Fifth Ave. Hotel Dining Room.



Under construction was a new highway through Leon to connect the Leon-Atlanta Rd. to the highway between Keighley and Rosalia.

In 1922, Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Alley, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Buell, and Mr. & Mrs. I.G. Clark all met for a social evening and that was the start of annual meetings of the ABC clan. The group of six had been meeting at least once a year since.

The newly remodeled Elks Hall at 530 State, (the SE corner of 6th & State), was hosting a big open house celebration.



The 34th Annual Thanksgiving dinner for Doherty Men’s fraternity and families was held in Lehr’s Western Room. The first such dinner was held in November during the 1920s at the pipe yards 3 1/2 miles south and 1/2 mile west of Augusta. The fraternity was a Cities Service organization.

Lehr’s served a Thanksgiving buffer dinner; adults $1.85 and children, $1.

Butler County received an award in the Kansas Public Improvement competition sponsored by the Kansas Engineering Society for the Ohio St. overpass - a grade separation structure and access ramps over two county secondary roads, the first in Kansas. The economical design shortened the distance to a main state highway by 5.75 miles.



Wichita’s City Commission approved the possibility of selling water to Augusta and Andover, but Augusta would have to negotiate specific terms with the Wichita Water Dept. No contract had been signed.

Approximately 250 members and guests attended the fellowship and dedication dinner at the First Baptist Church. Mrs. Arthur Pickrell wrote a brief history of the church in the community.

Over three inches of snow fell in the season’s first snowfall.

The Augusta Kiwanis Club honored four outstanding area agriculture men; Jim LaFevre, Henry Chinn, Jack Hoefgen, and Leo Korte.



The SW corner of Belmont and Ohio was chosen as the future office of optometrists Dr. David Crum and Dr. Mike Todd.

The 4A State Champion Augusta Orioles placed four girls on the All League team; Pam Bratton, Susan Coloney, and Gayla Irving. Kim Good received honorable mention.

Aline Bisagno received a Pioneer of the Year award from the United Motion Picture Association.



The building at the SE corner of 6th and Walnut, which had originally been an auto sales/service facility built in the 1940s, was going to be remodeled and become Hillside Funeral Home Augusta.

The first snowfall of the season measured over four inches.

Over 600 balloons fell toward shoppers in the 500 block of State as part of the Chamber of Commerce’s holiday shopping promotion.



AHS senior David Henning was selected as All League first team linebacker. He also received honorable mention at running back.

Heidi Dreiling was named to the first team All-Chisholm Trail League volley ball team.

Thomas Henry was named Mr. Football 2002 and also Offensive Player of the Year by AHS coaches.