What an amazing Thanksgiving Day in Augusta!

To the Gazette,

What an amazing Thanksgiving Day in Augusta!

The Generous Hearts of Augusta Thanksgiving Day Luncheon was a success and because of all the “generous” folks who live and work here.

There are so many people in the community of Augusta to thank. First of all, it would not of happened if Kelly Modlin and his family hadn’t had the vision of a Thanksgiving Dinner for the community. He shared that idea with me, giving me and my husband Bill, the opportunity to assist with his vision. From that point forward, we were on a mission of what you might say “People Caring for People.”

From the monetary donations, used of a great facility, expertise and knowledge of people in the food business, use of roasters, coffee pots, trays, folks cooking and baking, publicity and signage, food servers, parking attendants, door greeters, pie cutters, beverage servers, table clean-off crew, food deliveries - there was no stopping this town.

We had an abundance of volunteers of all ages. Some made it a family affair - mom, dad and kids -- there were several high school groups and teachers who assisted with the set-up, as well as retired folks - all giving back to the community that they live, work and shop in. It was so heart warming to see the community come together and enjoy themselves volunteering, working together, eating lunch and visiting, donating of their time and talent- giving back to our community. If you missed it, you might want to mark your calendar for next year. It’s something you’ll never forget.

Augusta is so blessed to have so many “People Caring for People” with such “Generous Hearts.” Thank you to everyone - it was amazing.

Wishing all the Generous Hearts of Augusta of Augusta a blessed holiday season!

Sue and Bill Hoefgen