Readers share opinions

I always look forward to reading “Our Yesterdays” and I have to thank Belinda Larsen for sharing the wonderful article about Martin Mahannah. It was certainly fitting for a Thanksgiving article, as he was one of the brave soldiers that helped us enjoy freedom.


...It is always a joy to read the cute Thanksgiving recipes written by children...this year was different. I DID NOT enjoy trying to read the “buttered mash potato colored print” on the “pumkin pie brown background.” With these 71 year-old senior eyes, even with my glasses, I found it almost impossible to read the recipes...your staff made a poor decision when it chose to print the recipes in holiday colors this year. I’m sure that there are many many Gazette readers who had the same problem as I did.

(Editor’s note: We apologize for any problems our readers may have had with the Thanksgiving colors on the front page.)