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  • How sad when a Viewpoint writer has such a hopelessly dark view of our country and our re-elected president.Of course most of us care about this country, which is why President Obama is serving a second term. FLASH! He really was born in Hawaii and as shocking as this may be to right-wingers who watch or listen to hate-mongers in the media, he is a Christian. Ironically, people who make all these ugly comments about Obama and Americans who support him seem to consider themselves as upstanding, God-loving Christians. I beg to differ.
    Let’s see, the President’s grandmother grew up in Augusta, his grandfather grew up in El Dorado, and his mother was born in Kansas. If you are born to an American citizen, you are an American citizen at birth. What is the problem?
    I did not vote for Obama, but it’s not because I believe some lie about him being a Muslim or a traitor. I can disagree with someone’s policies and let that be enough. The sore losers are embarrassing to all of us.
    Good grief, why would the Gazette even print that nasty Viewpoint? I say God help this country of people who can’t distinguish from the truth and right-wing garbage.
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