We have our share of alley cats around here, but this kitty sound wasn't moving

Last week I was working in the kitchen when I realized the tiny, persistent mewing I kept hearing was probably from the same kitty who'd been tinily and persistently mewing the day before. We have our share of alley cats around here, but this kitty sound wasn't moving; that kitten had stayed in one place and plaintively cried for the better part of two days.

After making sure Baby Chickadee was busy and wouldn't run out the door to follow me, I peeked into our backyard to find the little guy. Right as I looked toward our garage a gray little flash darted in to the shadows. After I turned back inside and closed the door, the mewing began anew.

I waited until the big kids were home from school so that they could occupy Baby Chickadee while I attempted a baby kitten rescue, because clomping toddlers are not conducive to stealthily sneaking up on baby kitties. But I was unsuccessful. Once Hubby arrived home a few minutes later he hunted for the kitty, but the little guy knew how to be quiet and hide someone looked for him. Then I was sitting on the porch, enjoying the sun and gorgeous temperature, when Little Missy walked from the garage, proudly stroking a teeny little gray kitten who had its nose buried in her elbow.


And that poor kitten--"Dusty" or "Gandalf the Grey," depending on the time of day you ask one of the children--has barely been able to run free since.

That first night and next day we kept Dusty/Gandalf the Grey inside the house with us, and if one of the children was awake then he was being held. And let me tell you, I think he liked it, because he barely complained. Baby Chickadee held that kitty and wrapped him in blankets and snuggled him while she watched cartoons, and at one point that kitty fell asleep on her tummy.


We have tried to introduce our 70-lb boxer mix to the teeny kitty and it's gone… okay. The dog hasn't killed him yet. Molly the Dog licks the kitty's head and tries to keep him close to her, and the kitty responds by sometimes coming out from under the couch and rubbing his head on her chin and leg,--which is just so cute and made for pictures--but the dog is BIG, and we just don't allow the two of them much interaction.

And so, we are trying once again to keep a kitty outside but as ours without letting it in the house too much (because, litter boxes, ewww). Which means feeding it and letting Baby Chickadee hug it and kiss it and snuggle it to within an inch of its life.

Erin Fox is a weekly columnist for the Augusta Gazette and a busy mother and wife. Her popular blog - erin's little corner can also be found on our webpage,augustagazette.com.