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  • Election Day is over and the Sales Tax question for the residents of Augusta passed easily. Those in favor totaled 2,293 at 69.53 percent, and those opposed totaled 1,005 at 30.47 percent.
    The residents of Douglass also approved a sales tax; yes votes - 347 at 63.44 %, and no votes - 200, 36.56 %.
    Kansans voted to amend the state's constitution so the legislature could address the issue of high property taxes on watercraft. While the amendment doesn't directly change the classification or tax rate for watercraft, it is the first step in a process to reclassify watercraft and make their tax treatment more in line with surrounding states.
    How Butler County voted
    Romney and Ryan (REP) 17764
    * Obama and Biden (DEM)7124
    Johnson and Gray (LIB)447
    Baldwin and Martin (REF) 117
    U.S. Representative:
    * Mike Pompeo (REP)
    Robert Leon Tillman (DEM) 6,084
    Thomas Jefferson (LIB) 1,498
    State Senator 14th Dist.
    * Forrest J. Knox (REP) 6,911
    Eden Fuson (DEM) 3459
    State Senator 16th Dist.
    * Ty Masterson (REP) 1,2231
    State Rep. 12th Dist.
    * Virgil Peck (REP) 1,162
    Tina Bumgarner (DEM) 610
    State Rep. 75th Dist.
    * Will Carpenter (REP) 5,210
    Suzanne Scribner (DEM) 2763
    State Rep. 77th Dist.
    * J. David Crum (REP) 7,656
    State Rep. 85th Dist.
    * Steve Brunk (REP) 839
    Barry Stanley (DEM) 247
    Board of Education 10th Dist.
    * Jim McNiece (REP) 11,866
    District Court Judge
    * Charles M. "Chuck" Hart (REP) 21,157
    District Court Judge
    * David A. Ricke (REP) 20,929
    County Commissioner Dist. 2
    * Peggy R. Palmer (REP) 4,091
    County Commissioner Dist. 3
    * Ed Myers (REP) 4,050
    County Clerk
    * Don Engels (REP) 21,302
    County Treasurer
    Ruth A. Fechter (REP) 21,161
    County Register of Deeds
    * Marcia McCoy (REP) 21,463
    County Sheriff
    * Kelly Herzet (REP) 21,470
    County Attorney
    * Darrin C. Devinney (REP) 20,847
    Township Trustee
    Augusta Township
    * Nick W. McClure (REP) 472
    Township Trustee
    Benton Township
    * Dick Dalton (REP) 896
    Township Trustee Bloomington Township
    * Francis W. Sowers, Jr. (REP) 168
    Township Trustee
    Bruno Township
    * Kim Quastad (REP) 875
    Township Trustee
    Douglass Township
    * Craig McClure (REP) 629
    Page 2 of 2 - Township Trustee
    El Dorado Township
    * Dana McCoy (REP) 278
    Township Trustee Fairview Township
    * Cal Ammons (REP) 213
    Township Trustee
    Glencoe Township
    * Rick Claycomb (DEM) 66
    Township Trustee
    Hickory Township
    * Wayne Chambers (REP) 41
    Township Trustee
    Township Trustee
    Little Walnut Township
    * Gary Sphar (REP) 279
    Township Trustee Pleasant Township
    * Jack Armstrong (REP) 1,675
    Township Trustee
    Richland Township
    * Linda Pray (REP) 709
    * Craig M. Linot (DEM) 341
    Township Trustee
    Rock Creek Township
    * Gary W. Gibson (REP) 92
    Township Trustee Spring Township
    * David Moss (REP) 393
    * Kathy McDowell (DEM) 205
    Township Trustee Sycamore Township
    * Danny L. Girty (REP) 137 *
    Township Trustee
    Walnut Township
    * John Christopher Danler (DEM) 215
    Township Trustee Towanda Township
    * David Wohlgemuth (REP) 983
    Township Treasurer Augusta Township
    * Connie Leigh Blake (REP) 325
    Elmer J. Simon (DEM) 191
    For a complete list of election results for Butler County Townships trustees and township treasurers, go to: http://www.bucoks.com/ and click on 2012 Butler County General Election results.
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