The Wildcats’ Logan Morrow a junior received her second straight AVCTL Division III second team nomination.

The Wildcats’ Logan Morrow a junior received her second straight AVCTL Division III second team nomination.

Also gaining league accolades for El Dorado were juniors Emily Harper and Baylie Harsh.

In Division IV senior Leslie Geist of Circle was named to the first team for the T-Birds.

Sophomore Katie Frankenberry and senior and Taylor Adlesperger were awarded second team nominations.

Senior Alexis Wiebe was named Honorable Mention to round out the awards for Circle.

All teams are listed as follows:

Division III First Team

Macki Pankratz Sr. Buhler

Josie Williams Sr. Buhler

Katelyn Loecker Sr. McPherson

Paige Regnier Jr.McPherson

Briana Pontious Sr. McPherson

Keanu Bradley Sr. Rose Hill

Kylie Pfaff Jr. Rose Hill

Second Team

Sierra Castor Sr. Buhler

Traeleas Jackson Fr. Buhler

Logan Morrow Jr. El Dorado

Tashley Snyder Sr. McPherson

Moira Pyle Jr. McPherson

Bailey Santo Sr. Rose Hill

Dakota Williams Sr. Rose Hill

Honorable Mention

McKenna Bessmer Sr. Buhler

Cailyn Bessmer Jr. Buhler

Emily Harper Jr. El Dorado

Baylie Harsh Jr. El Dorado

Abby Pedersen Jr. McPherson

Destynee Donaldson Jr. Mulvane

Carly Wichman Sr. Mulvane

Lexie Wartick Sr. Rose Hill

Breanna Pingry Jr. Winfield

Devan Diediker Jr. Winfield

Most Valuable Player: Katelyn Loecker, McPherson

Coach of the Year: Christy Doile, McPherson

Division IV First Team

Olivia Orth Sr. Andale

Mackenzie Stuever Sr. Andale

Jessica Schwartz Sr. Andale

Leslie Geist Sr. Circle

Bryna Vogel Jr. Clearwater

Hanna House Sr. Clearwater

Maddie Lett Sr. Collegiate

Second Team

Courtney Lies Jr. Andale

Rachel Friedrichs So. Andale

Destiny Williams Sr. Augusta

Katie Frankenbery So. Circle

Taylor Adlesperger Sr. Circle

Madison Rausch Sr. Clearwater

Elly Vosburgh Sr. Collegiate

Honorable Mention

Brittany Meyer So. Andale

Courtney Phillips Sr. Augusta

Alexis Wiebe Sr. Circle

Victoria Worden Jr. Clearwater

Co Burgoyne Sr. Collegiate

Kate Nelson Sr. Collegiate

Meghan Gilkey Sr. Wellington

McKenna Oathout Fr. Wellington

Most Valuable Player: Bryna Vogel, Clearwater

Coach of the Year: Janelle Birkner, Andale