The El Dorado City Commission discussed possible sidewalk projects during their meeting Monday evening.

The El Dorado City Commission discussed possible sidewalk projects during their meeting Monday evening.

“Staff has been discussing for a while now some sidewalk projects or multi-use pedestrian facilities in town,” said Scott Rickard, assistant city engineer.

That included looking at where funding could come from and what was the biggest need.

They narrowed the list of possible projects to three.

One was an extension of the North Main sidewalk from McCollum to 30th Street and down 30th to the new middle school. This would cost an estimated $229,000 to hire a contractor or $83,000 for materials for city staff to do the work.

The second project was along the east side of Haverhill from Towanda to Central in front of the new stadium, tying in some of the existing cart paths from the old golf course. This cost would be $104,000 for a contractor or $54,000 for city staff.

“We feel this is an important project with the majority of the parking utilized for the stadium at the community college,” Rickard said.

The third proposed project was in the Criss Addition for Vintage Place, which would cost $121,000 or $47,000.

“There are some issues out there in that area with USD 490 having to bus children to Grandview without having adequate facilities for those children to walk and bike to school because of the railroad overpass over 12th Avenue.

Looking at funding, the Kansas Department of Transportation has notified the city there is an additional $60,000 for them to use for projects for the rest of the year.

“We just saw those funds maybe as an avenue to proceed with one of these projects we feel is pretty important,” Rickard said.

Mayor Tom McKibban said he thought the sidewalk in Vintage Place ought to be one of the first ones because it has been needed for some time and is a safety issue. He also asked about just doing the sidewalk on Haverhill from Towanda Street to the stadium parking lot rather than all the way to Central so they might be able to fund two of the projects. He said the middle school was still far enough away they could look at that next year.

The Commission gave its consensus to look at those two projects.

In other business, the commission accepted a petition and directed staff to move ahead with sidewalk projects on seven properties that had been petitioned for by the residents.