On Saturday evening, 4-Hers from across Butler County gathered in El Dorado to be recognized for their achievements this year.

On Saturday evening, 4-Hers from across Butler County gathered in El Dorado to be recognized for their achievements this year.

“We are here to celebrate all of our 4-Hers,” said Butler County Research and Extension 4-H youth development agent Lindsey Friesen. “Congratulations to everyone. I am extremely proud of all your achievements as 4-Hers and leaders.”

During the ceremony at the Community Building, 4-Hers and leaders from 12 clubs in Butler County were recognized.

From the Benton Busy Bees: Braden Carney - membership pin, horse KAP, photography KAP, plant science: hotriculture KAP, space tech: rocketry KAP, visual arts and crafts KAP, woodworking KAP; Juliene Fuson - membership pin, photography KA; Bailee Goad - bronze pin; Brylee Goad - bronze pin, rabbit KAP; Lucy Haller - cloverbud; Emma Johnson - cloverbud; Erin Johnson - bronze pin, rabbit KAP; Lauren Mandina - membership pin; Lindsey Mandina - membership pin; Anaya McCune - membership pin; Sophia McCune - membership pin; Addison McKenna - cloverbud; Bailey McKenna - membership pin; and Delaney Parr - bronze pin.

From the Cassoday Boosters: Erik Eisenbarth - junior leader pin; Erron Eisenbarth - gold pin; Jeffrey Garcia - silver pin; Trena Garcia - bronze pin, clothing and textiles KAP, foods and nutrition KAP, horse KAP, plant science KAP, visual arts and crafts KAP; Gavin Girty - membership pin, visual arts and crafts KAP; Hadley Girty - clover pin; Karly Girty - cloverbud; Peyten Girty - clover pin; Tate Leslie - cloverbud; Madelyn Stackley - membership pin, swine KAP; and Grace Willmott - membership pin.

From El Dorado Boosters: Cameron Clausing - bronze pin; Connor Clausing - bronze pin, foods and nutrition KAP; Stacia Graham - clover pin; Daniel Johnson - gold guard; Elizabeth Johnson - silver pin, reading KAP; Jason Johnson - bronze pin, entomology KAP; Timothy Johnson - junior leader pin; and Anna Kuestersteffen - bronze pin.

From Flint Hills: Louden James - cloverbud and Sydney Sorum - cloverbud.

From Hickory Helpers: Chase Augur - clover pin; Hannah Augur - clover pin; Shelby Augur - silver pin; Alex Becker - gold pin; Mandi Becker - gold pin; Haleigh Borg - cloverbud; Danielle Chilcott - junior leader pin; Jacob Jones - clover pin; Madisyn Jones - cloverbud; Dalton Perez - silver pin; Julian Perez - cloverbud; Brandy Rigg - silver pin; Brian Rigg - clover pin; Jett Schmidt - membership pin; Coleton Walker - cloverbud; Baylie Wedel - cloverbud; and Cody Wedel - clover pin.

From Lily Lake: Jacquelyn Bogner - membership pin; Cooper Cabrales - membership pin, poultry KAP; Emily Gash - cloverbud; Kaitlyn Gash - cloverbud; Trevor Johnson - emerald pin; Emma Larsen - cloverbud; Bridget Martin - space tech: rocketry KAP; Tessa Martin - visual arts and crafts KAP; Logan Thompson - bronze pin; Dakota Tireman - bronze pin; and Sierra Tireman - emerald pin.

From North Butler: Austin Broadie - membership pin; Jeremiah Goebel - membership pin, foods and nutrition KAP; Thomas Goebel - bronze pin; Renata Goossen - junior leader pin; Jon Ross - clover pin; and Braden Scribner - membership pin, bucket calf KAP.

From Purple Heart: Erin Barlett - silver guard; Kylee Barlett - cloverbud; Taylor Barlett - emerald pin; Emma Geer - membership pin; Benjamin Leming - cloverbud; Zachary Leming - cloverbud; Robert Lukenbill IV - membership pin; Cailan Steward - silver pin; Jarrett Steward - cloverbud; Gavin Strawn - clover pin; Reed Strawn - silver pin; Austin Taylor - membership pin; Quinn Torgerson - membership pin, foods and nutrition KAP; and Andrew Wilborn - cloverbud.

From Rose Hill Rustlers: Lindsey Esslinger - membership pin; Nathan Esslinger - bronze pin; Conner Merck - gold guard; Elliot Merck - junior leader pin; and Roman Merck - silver pin.

From Towanda Rustlers: Jake Allen - silver guard; Jared Allen - clover pin, rocketry KAP; Seth Cerney - cloverbud; Miranda Day-Jones - bronze pin; Katelyn Hageman - emerald pin; Logan Nice - cloverbud; Audra Schaffner - cloverbud; Sidney Sullivan - membership pin; Shelby Varner - silver pin; Tara Varner - gold pin; Daniel Webb - membership pin; Katie Webb - clover pin; and Marcus Young - cloverbud.

Several 4-Hers also received special awards: Key Award - Faith Hadley; I Dare You Award - Amy Varner; Kiwanis Junior Leadership Award - Daniel Johnson; Service to 4-H and Community Award - Faith Hadley; Dr. Johnson Outstanding 4-H Award - Dylan Chilcott; and Scholarships - Lois Johnson, Amy Varner, Dylan Chilcott.

The following 4-H graduates were recognized: Dylan Chilcott - Hickory Helpers; Kelcey Clites - El Dorado Boosters; Stacey Cox - Lily Lake; Ethan Ferguson - Towanda Rustlers; Andrea Harkins - Hickory Helpers; Anna Heatherington - Towanda Rustlers; Trent Jacks - Benton Busy Bees; Tayvia Kemp - Flint Hills; Austin McAvoy - Benton Busy Bees; Conner Merck - Rose Hill Rustlers; Amanda Phillips - Towanda Rustlers; Briana Reece - Benton Busy Bees; Amanda Schmidt - Hickory Helpers; Augie Schmidt - Hickory Helpers; Colleen Turner - Hickory Helpers; and Lexi Wallingford - Lily Lake.

Also, KAP Intermediate Awards, KAP Senior Awards were given out, as well as awards for 2012 Butler County 4-H Officer Notebooks, Outstanding Camp Counselors, Family Consumer Sciences State Fair Judging Teams, Photography State Fair Judging Teams and 4-H Leader Recognition.