Sam and Kathy Fouts found the golden grasshopper

Sam and Kathy Fouts found the hidden golden grasshopper hiding at the roundabout on south State St. . Here are all the clues.

Clue# 1 We have finished looping the lake and celebrating our high school.

Now the Golden Grasshopper awaits far from where Orange and Black rule.

Look where a candy store, a meat market, an idea shop and Calvert's were once around.

And friendly, thriving local businesses can still be found.

Clue# 2 In 1868, C. N. James settled here and for $40 bought his land.

He named the town after his wife Augusta. Maybe she can lend a hand.

In 2010, the population was about 9,000 and growing.

In 2012, the Grasshopper is hidden around lights always glowing.

Clue# 3 With a theatre, a museum, places to eat and things to buy, you can always have a blast.

But travel carefully because in some areas, 20 miles per hour is just too fast.

Have you found what you're looking for? It's smaller than a bread bowl.

And it's waiting for you to find it within the grassy knoll.

Clue# 4 The time has come to get you closer to where you need to be.

The Golden Grasshopper is watching over something valued historically.

To get there, no turns, no stops, no tricky moves are ever required.

But if you continue on and on, your stomach will get queasy and your brain a little tired.