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By Corey Landreth
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Oct. 16, 2012 12:01 a.m.

Anything you can do, I can do better.
I can do anything better than you!
Do you remember that song? I remember going 'round and 'round with my sister - "no you can't, Yes I can!"
We may not say this much any more but I bet it's still thought, a bunch!
The mistakes of others often cause us to shake our heads and look down our noses and think, I would never be that careless. Consider this, when reading about the wanderings of the Israelite's many Christians scoff with this, "if God did for me what He did for the people of Israel I would follow Him anywhere!" We assume that we could "do it better" than they could.
But I wonder if that is true?
The truth is no matter what happens, no matter what is going on in my life, I have the tendency to harden my heart. It's not like I do it on purpose. It just happens. When I go about my life I can get sidetracked with the day to day. Even if God provided food every day. Even if He made my shoes and clothes last forever. Even if He made the sun stand still - I would get used to it. I would harden my heart and look for something "more." With food every morning I would complain it wasn't the right food or get tired of it, I'm sure.
The point is we so often miss the things God is doing in our lives. Not because we aren't paying attention or because what He's doing isn't incredible, but because His work and miracles have become commonplace. Because we've grown used to His working in our lives we fail to see it any longer.
The writer of Hebrews recalls this,
"Today, please listen;
don’t turn a deaf ear as in “the bitter uprising,”
that time of wilderness testing!
Even though they watched me at work for forty years,
your ancestors refused to let me do it my way;
over and over they tried my patience..."
My prayer today was that I would NOT be like those who wandered in the desert. That I would NOT get lost in the commonplace of God's mighty hand at work in my life and church. That my ears would stay open so that I would hear His voice so that I might obey His command. And that I wouldn't get sidetracked or lose focus, but would instead make it to my destination.
What are you ignoring today because you've gotten used to God's providence?
If there is food in your home... ANY food then God is providing. You literally could be like the majority of the people in the world and have NO food in your home. No refrigerator or freezer to keep food beyond the day. No cupboards filled with canned stuff you keep until there's a food drive at church or with Scouts and you can unload it. Got a vehicle to get to work? Does it work? Got a job? Most people walk.
Father, help me to have eyes to see your work and provision in my life and for my family.

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