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Dogs feel no guilt about misbehaving
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Oct. 13, 2012 12:01 a.m.

Your dog has a "guilty look" on his face and you are certain your pet has misbehaved in some way, so you give him a stern warning while searching for evidence of the forbidden deed. You check the trash barrel, look for creases on the bed spread and examine the latch on the food bin to see if your dog has gotten into some of those off-limits places, but you find no wrongdoing. So why does your dog have that guilty look even though he is innocent? He is simply ... CONTINUE READING
An animal welfare organization is urging those who have already adopted or who are unable to adopt to consider becoming a foster pet parent, volunteering at shelters and donating food or money to humane societies. Read report
An animal behavioral expert says pet parents need to understand the subtle ways that dogs communicate their frustrations, dislikes and fears and take remedial action before the behavior escalates into biting. Read report
Some 40 percent of dogs and cats suffer from gastrointestinal problems such as stomach upset, vomiting and diarrhea, according to a survey by Nestlé Purina. Some problems can be caused by food quality, but those pet parents who focus solely on the food may be overlooking the many of the other causes of gastrointestinal troubles. Read report
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The Veterinary Oral Health Council says bad breath is caused by gum disease, which three of four dogs will develop by middle age. If left untreated, it will lead to bacteria invading the bloodstream and possibly damaging a pet's heart, liver and kidneys. Read report
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Rescue: 108 dogs rescued from filthy, rat-infested puppy mill
The Border Collies, crammed into waste-filled cages in a barn strewn with decaying bodies of vermin, were seized from a breeder in what is being described as one of the nastiest puppy mills ever encountered in Tennessee. Read report
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A survey has found that the leading causes of plant-related poisonings in pets is grapes/raisins, mushrooms and marijuana. Grapes/raisins are so toxic that even a tiny number can cause acute renal failure in dogs and cats. Read report
Surveys & Studies: Is your dog's name on the most popular list?
Many families look upon their dogs as superheroes, and apparently that is why many have chosen to name their pets after Bella, the fictional heroine character in the vampire film "Twilight" and in the series of best-selling fantasy novels that the film is based upon, a survey has found. Read report
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