My sweet Little Missy loves food.

My sweet Little Missy loves food. LOVES it. She is always hungry and always eating and rubbing her tummy and smacking her lips when the food on her plate her pleases her. Before she goes to sleep at night she is asking me what’s for breakfast the next day, just so she can envision herself eating some yumminess.

But the problem is that she only loves certain foods, and that list of acceptable foods continues to grow smaller, which drives me (the cook) crazy and dumbfounds her daddy who holds the belief that everything is delicious. What do you mean you don’t like lasagna? EVERYBODY likes lasagna. Especially Mommy’s (says the cook).

When she was little we fought with her every night at dinner and made her try the food on her plate. Maybe you remember me talking lots and lots about this when she was two? Then we decided she could eat the “clean” (her word) parts of our dinner, as in I’d leave out some cooked hamburger from the lasagna or plain chicken from the enchiladas, and she’d eat the “clean” meat with vegetables. Now we make her fix her own dinner, which she willingly does so that she won’t have to eat our scary food of raspberry-glazed chicken over rice.

She will eat sugar, of course, but her tummy is very sensitive to the stuff. Sometimes she’ll groan and rub her tummy while looking at me, and when I ask her what’s wrong she’ll say, “I ate too much sugar.” Which does not stop her from asking for a sweet treat an hour later.

The other night she whimpered and complained of an upset tummy for about two hours before she threw up on the sidewalk in front of our house. Poor sweet thing. After she cleaned herself up and on her way up to a bath she looked at me bright-eyed, “I feel better!” And then she bounced around the house, to which I first softly explained, “Sweetie, your tummy has been through a lot and it needs to be calm for a while. Can you please walk slowly and lay down for a bit?” To which she nodded, quickly forgot she’d been sick thirty minutes earlier, and bounced from room to room.

Her quick rebound made Hubby think she was simply sick from too much sugar, especially after we learned she’d had sweet treats from a birthday party at school before treat time at home. Which… maybe. But the season of the stomach flu is upon us.

Before bed she asked me if I’d make sure to buy her saltines and Sprite for her to eat the next day. Then, after she used the excuse of being sick to ask for snuggles from me to which I quickly obliged, she laid next to me in bed and I stroked her hair. The last thing she said to me before she quieted down to sleep was, “Mommy, what’s for lunch tomorrow?”

Because even a sick tummy will not stop that girl from thinking of food.

Erin Fox is a weekly columnist for the Augusta Gazette and a busy mother and wife. Her popular blog - erin’s little corner can also be found on our webpage,