A look at our past.



Area schools were notified by Kansas Governor Ratner of the possibility of staggering school hours and school days in order to cope with the shortage of farm labor. The students would be expected to help harvest crops.

The local school district was offering two new war plant training classes in the evenings. Over 100 adults had enrolled.

The City Council was discussing selling the house and property at the northwest corner of State & 7th, which had been willed to the City under the estate of Hugh Leonard.

Parking had changed from diagonal to parallel on School St.



The Augusta Roller Rink was re-opening after a complete remodel.

The city’s Green River Ordinance was amended to prohibit “itinerant merchants and transient vendors” from soliciting and selling in Augusta.

The AHS Student Council hosted the annual Fall Fair in the junior high gym with rope jumping contests, ring toss, cake walks and fortune telling.



The Board of Education approved a bid of $945 for the demolition of the Garfield Annex.

Cletus Kappelmann, owner of Cooper Drug Store, was elected to the City Council to succeed Milo Miller, who had been serving as First Ward councilor, but was moving from the ward.

The Augusta Lions Club had taken on the project of selling auto seat belts to help raise funds for the annual Halloween party Several local service stations and dealers were offering to install the belts at a nominal fee. The belts were offered in 11 different colors.



Circle High School was struggling with dress code enforcement. Some boys had been asked to leave class because their hair was violated the school’s code. Student representatives were planning to attend the next BOE meeting to discuss the issue.

The Bisagno family were guests on the movie set of “Paper Moon,” being filmed in McCraken, Kan., the hometown of Mrs. Robert Bisagno. The family visited with the Hollywood cast and had their photos taken with the star, Ryan O’Neal.

The Augusta Orioles surprised Kingman by knocking the Eagles from the undefeated ranks, 14-13, at Kingman.



Steve Shaffer, director of the Augusta Department of Safety, was installed as president of the Kansas Peace Officers’ Association at a conference in Manhattan.

The AHS Class of 1932 held its 50-year reunion with a large attendance. Four Augusta teachers - Vernon Hayes, Edna Chapin, Virginia Brown, and K.L. Grimes - swapped memories with many of their former students.

AHS volleyball girls remained undefeated as they defeated a strong Buhler team.

Over 130 attended the Mobil Annuitants Day luncheon and toured their former workplace and renewed old friendships.



Some ground in the Haverhill area was reported saturated with petroleum compounds and trace amounts of the materials had been found in the tap water in the area.

Dallas Usher was AHS fall homecoming queen and Joe Forred was the king.

Stacy McMullen, a carrier for the Augusta Daily Gazette, was recognized on the Kansas Press Association’s Carrier Day by Secretary of State Bill Graves.

AHS teacher and coach Tom Restivo had resigned after 10 years here.



Myrna Hale was the new Augusta Public Library director.

Mary Knapp, 1986 AHS graduate, was the new Augusta Main Street director.

All patients and caregivers had left the Augusta Regional Medical Complex long term care facility and only a handful of ARMC staffers remained at the hospital/nursing home building to collect accounts receivable monies, medical records and administration, as final steps of closure took place.