The Cargill Cares Wichita Council gave approval recently for Project Jai Play to be the non-profit recipient of proceeds from the Company’s Stocking Stuffer Extravaganza.

Cargill Cares collectively contributes millions of charitable dollars and thousands of volunteer hours to communities each year. The goal is to partner with local nonprofit and charitable organizations that meet their guidelines and that can engage their employees in community involvement.

The company’s Stocking Stuffer Extravaganza will be a two hour event on Dec. 12, 2012, which will include donations for gift baskets, and a silent auction of stuffed and decorated Christmas stockings. Last year $17, 649 was given through donations from the event.

“We expect to raise even more at this year’s event,” advised Bonnie Stephenson, Wichita’s Cargill Transportation Services Manager and director of the Stocking Stuffer Extravaganza.

Stephenson explained that Cargill Cares’ fundraisers focus on benefiting children, “We look for local non-profit groups that are not funded through the government and rely on private donations...we first heard about Jai Play from Troy Waltemath, one of our biggest sponsors, and Jai Play fit the bill...the soft surface design on playgrounds will benefit all children.”

Project Jai Play co-founder Jamie Simpson stated, “We’re so excited about The Stocking Stuffer event. As of Oct. 2, Project Jai Play has received $14,185.54 in pledges and donations. The recent Quarter Mania raised $813.65 alone. We thank everyone who has contributed and continue to spread the word about Project Jai Play.”

Simpson advised that the goal is to raise approximately $111,000 to provide soft playground surface for each of the four Augusta USD 402 public elementary school playgrounds.