The establishment of the Kansas Governor's One Shot Turkey Hunt Endowment.

Central Kansas Community Foundation – Butler County an affiliate of Central Kansas Community Foundation based in Newton, Kansas; is pleased to announce the establishment of the Kansas Governor's One Shot Turkey Hunt Endowment.

This agency designated fund is a great beginning to leaving a lasting legacy for this non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization whose mission centers on Kansas wildlife conservation, preservation, education and opportunity.

In 1987, former Governor Mike Hayden, and former Executive Vice President of the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce, Marv McCown, founded this event with the concept of inviting key people from different professions to participate as celebrities to hunt the wild turkey. By inviting these people to the El Dorado, Kansas area, they become aware of the business opportunities available to them and realize the great outdoor resources Kansas has to offer. All of this while keeping the wild turkey and conservation to the forefront. This event has brought hunters from all over the world, including many who have close ties to Kansas.

"The Kansas Governor's One Shot Turkey Hunt began with a handful of hunters and dedicated volunteers. Today, the event has more than 80 hunters, 600 volunteers, a Kansas youth program, a National Youth program, a Wounded Warrior program and established The Willis Scholarship program," said Janet Post, Kansas Governor's One Shot Turkey Hunt board Executive Director. "We feel it is time to give back to the community. The Central Kansas Community Foundation gives us a place to invest for the future of our event and honor the dedication of all who have participated in the last 27 years."

Like all Agency Designated Funds the annual distribution is directed back to the organization, in the case of the Kansas Governor's Turkey Hunt distributions from the endowment will support key elements of the 2 day hunting event for which this organization was established.

"The current Kansas Governor's One Shot Turkey Hunt board is proud to be able to initiate this endowment," said Board president Rusty Patterson. "With this, and future monies, we hope to insure the financial future of the hunt".

If you have questions regarding how you can contribute to the Turkey Hunt Endowment or establish your own, please contact Angie Baur, Associate Director for the CKCF at 316-283-5474 or by e-mail at .

If you have questions how you can become a volunteer or sponsor of the Kansas Governor's One Shot Turkey Hunt, please contact Janet Post at 316 321-3835 or email at