Please leave my Constitution alone!

Mr. Kent Bush:

Please leave my Constitution alone! Your editorial of Sept. 22 refers to my (or our) Constitution as being outmoded and even trash. You want to give more political power to the big states. Do you really prefer the New York occupiers, the Chicago thugs or the California hippies to Kansas farmers? What else do you wish to change?

Tom Jefferson and his friends included in our Constitution the provision of protecting smaller states from being overwhelmed. They even anticipated the growth of our nation with many new states. Please allow us living in the hinterlands a small bit of freedom from the big boys. I want my Kansas vote to count for something. Don't mess with the Constitution and please do not call it "Trash."

Concerning your running for president. Every American citizen deserves the right to run for any office, I am quite willing to support your candidacy.

You appear to have the right qualifications for the job. But there is a problem. A previous president had the name, Bush, and since that time he has been accused of every crime and sin from murder on down. It will be difficult to dissuade voters that you are not the same man or maybe even related to him. A name change may be necessary.

Alternate solution. In the previous election, the losing party had a woman on the ticket for vice president and they did poll millions of votes. You might wish to ask Sarah Palin to run on your ticket. She is an established campaigner.

- Burt Bowlus, El Dorado