Hailey Chamberlain was inspired by what she saw on television.

Hailey Chamberlain was inspired by what she saw on television.

She saw a boy who decided to build 18 houses by the time he turned 18. Seeing him meet this goal gave Hailey, who attends third grade at Skelly Elementary, an idea.

"She wanted to send shoes for her ninth birthday," said her mother, Lacey Zachary. "My goal was 100. We made it past mine so we went to hers, which is 300."

So far, Hailey has collected 130 pairs of shoes. The first 150 shoes will be sent to a woman in Ohio who will distribute them to orphans and children in foster care. The remaining shoes will be sent to South Africa.

"Our goal really is to get as many pairs as we can," said Zachary. "It's her first of many missions. She's already planning more."

Although Zachary was surprised her daughter had a specific idea of how she wanted to help children in need, she wasn't surprised her daughter wanted to help.

"She's always giving to people," said Zachary. "She's the kid that will give up her meal for someone else. I think God helped her. She goes to church a lot."

Zachary is planning to send the shoes the day after Hailey's birthday.

"The deadline is Oct. 8 because we're going to send them on Oct. 9," said Zachary. "We haven't even begun to worry about the cost. We figured if she wants to do it, we'll do it no matter the cost."

Anyone wishing to donate shoes to Hailey's collection can send them to 211 S. Denver, El Dorado KS 67042 or Prospect Baptist Church, 1035 Southeast Bluestem Road, El Dorado, KS 67042.