In 1981, a group of citizens in Rose Hill decided to start a first response team.

In 1981, a group of citizens in Rose Hill decided to start a first response team. After a number of fundraisers, the group was able to purchase a used ambulance in 1984.

During Tuesday's Butler County Commission meeting, several members of this volunteer group were recognized for their service.

Those mentioned during the meeting were Beth Pompa, Debbie Craig, Kevin Leis, Lori Johnson Webster and Kevin Webster.

Since a Butler County EMS ambulance has been stationed in Rose Hill, the volunteer first responders are no longer needed.

"That unit has ceased to exist," said EMS director Grant Helferich, "but we would like to recognize them."

Several of the volunteers continue to offer their services to the community as volunteer firefighters.

"Thank you for your time and effort," said Commissioner Dan Woydziak.

In other business, the commission:

• approved the 13th District Community Corrections KDOC FY2012 End of the Year Report.

• approved an additional cost of $21,751.13 for the purchase and installation of the Power-over-Internet switches for the upgrade of the surveillance system for the Butler County Detention Facility and Judicial Center as approval on Aug. 21. The total for the project will be $271,461. The cost is more than originally anticipated because additional switches are needed for the new system. The motion passed 4-1 with Commissioner Peggy Palmer opposed.

• discussed an ongoing animal neglect case involving two horses.

• approved the five-year lease agreement with De Lage Landen Public Finance LLC for $122,024 with an annual payment of $24,404.80 starting in October 2012 and ending October 2016.

• approved the Annual Peopleware Agreement, allow Computer Services to make payment of $76,174.

• approved the cost of applying a dust suppressant treatment for a planned detour route related to the planned Whitewater River Bridge replacement project on SW Thunder Road southwest of Augusta. The total cost $19,800, with about $13,000 coming from the county and the rest from the township.

• approved recommendations from the steering committee for the changes in grade and job description for Solid Waste Coordinator (Public Works), Heavy Equipment Mechanic II (Public Works), RSVP/FGP Project Manager (Aging), RSVP Project Coordinator (Aging) and Foster Grandparent Coordinator (Aging). All the positions except the Foster Grandparent Coordinator will receive raises. The Foster Grandparent coordinator position will be funded by a grant. The motion passed 4-1 with Palmer opposed.

• Held a work session to discuss out-of-state travel. Palmer requested the work session because she would like to know more about the travels of county employees. There were 25 out-of-state trips during 2011-2012, with a cost of around $32,000, with $8,640 of the expenses paid by grants.

"I have never seen a travel plan in any of the budgets," she said. "This was a huge surprise and concern."

She also mentioned she would like to be informed about who is going where and what is being learned.

Commissioners Dan Woydziak and Bruce Harris did not believe the amount of travel was excessive.

"We have to train people at some point," said Woydziak. "Sixteen travels (paid for by the county) in a year and three quarters, I don't think that's excessive."