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  • Letter to Editor: Reader shares local teens' concerns

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  • To the Gazette,
    Last Saturday, at the 7:30 p.m. movie, at the Augusta Theater, I was told that approximately 10 middle school teens had been kicked out of the movie. I was shocked by names of the teens that were removed. These were good teens!
    After asking one youth, as to why she was removed from the movie she stated it was because she was getting up to get popcorn. Another youth, went on to tell me that before the movie started, she had placed her phone on her lap for safety purpose, her mom suggested she keep it there due to what happened in Aurora, Colo. at the theater. A volunteer then came and told her to put her phone away, it was not allowed to be on her lap.
    Granted, I was not at the movies this night, but I have witnessed this type of teen watch dog attitude at the theater in the past. My thoughts are, it is hard to support businesses with such "anti-teen" attitude.
    Business owners in Augusta need to realize the community youth could be their bread and butter. Parents like us are willing to give our non-driving teens money for productive activities, such as movies etc,. For example, GoJoes Coffee Shop is one of the known teen friendly businesses, and so the teens spend money there.
    There really is no place for the non-driving teens to go to socialize; the pool has closed for the season, no bowling alley, and they can't go to the movies now. The youth on a Saturday night have nothing to do except walk around the neighborhoods.
    I am a firm believer of "An Idle Mind Is the Devil's Playground!"
    Something to ponder, Augusta!
    Kate Kelley,
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