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  • Viewpoints 9-15-12

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  • You could probably find several eye sores throughout our city. No town is perfect. Serious concerns and complaints should be directed at your city council people, as they are the ones getting paid to take care of your interests.
    The traffic problem at the Middle School would be much better if parents would slow down, be more considerate AND if the police were there writing tickets. I agree with Mr. McCalla -- something bad is going to happen if things don’t change.
    I’m a senior citizen so I probably don’t know much, but when the old high school and junior high were located where the current middle school sits, the teachers and the majority of students had cars parked up and down the streets around the school. There was lots of traffic, but I don’t remember it being such a terrifying situation. Maybe we were just nicer drivers and not in such a hurry.
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