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  • In reference to the Viewpoint concerned about helping Mr. Miller - I’d like to see you come over and clean it up. There’s been rodents and pests running out of that house for years. Why don’t you come over and clean it up?
    Ah, the Bush - Natvig ticket. Christian men with Christian values! They both have wonderful wives too, which should be great assets to their campaign! Let's Roll!
    With the revitalization going on why doesn’t the City do something with that corner at the south end of State? I shouldn’t have to drive around the turn around and see that!
    Why do we have to sell water to Mulvane? What’s sacred about the deal? Can’t we just give them a warning and let them know that we’re not doing it any longer? Do we make that much money off the deal?
    Maybe if “some” weren't so busy trying to show us how smart they are, they would consider the airport project a great plan. If Andover is involved, Andover must know something "some" haven't considered worthy of our attention. We do have many smart souls in Augusta. Too bad they aren’t on the city council to help support our needs.
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