The lake will take months to return to normal levels.

Many Augusta residents look forward to every weather forecast with a chance of rain in hopes that the city lake will soon be full.

But the most likely scenario is that the lake will take months to return to normal levels.

“It is probably going to be months, not weeks,” City Manager Bill Keefer said. It would take a long period of wet weather to fill it.”

Keefer said an event like the one caused by Hurricane Isaac would help fill the lake but the flooding that would come with it would not be desirable.

He also said that the location of the rain was important.

“Five inches of rain on the south side of Augusta would do the lake no good,” he said. “It has to come in the watershed for the lake.”

Keefer said his hopes were for a wet fall and winter and perhaps a normal spring to get the lake back to pre-drought levels and remove the need for watering restrictions in the city.

“This has been hard on our residents and I hope and pray we don’t have to go through it again next year,” he said.