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It's sad to see a decline in interest in sports. Rather than develop athletic ability due to favoritism, many coaches overlook possible talent. No one wants to pay to be someone's "practice dummy." Face it, most starters are picked before sign ups.


The sprinklers at Lincoln School have been on. Do they have special permission or was it a malfunction? I just don’t think it’s right that they are watering when we’re supposed to be on restriction. (Editor’s note: The new sod at Lincoln School has approved watering under the new construction exemptions from the City. This week Lincoln’s watering schedule goes from new sod to the regular 2 day a week schedule.)


Maybe some of Harold’s neighbors can go over and help him clean the place up, since they are so willing to take care of the property if the city needs to keep it mowed, etc. It is a problem in the neighborhood, but I think people need to think about what they would want, if they were in Harold’s spot. What if their house caught fire and they lost their spouse, would they want the city to tear down their house? Probably not!


Mr. Miller’s games are over! Finally, the City Council did what it should have done a long time ago. Other homeowners are held responsible to take care of their property and he should be too!


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