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  • Letter to the Editor: Reader doesn't recognize Kansas

  • Reader thanks Kent Bush, publisher and columnist
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  • Dear Mr Bush,
    This is to thank you for the editorials you write for the El Dorado Times. They are thoughtful, objective, well written, and provide insight into issues important to all readers. Frankly, I am delighted you are willing to expose the dangers of our collective fascination (or perhaps obsession) with guns and their possession. Your Aug. 12, 2012, editorial was spot on.
    In addition, I applaud your fearless opposition to the radical social and fiscal positions some politicians in Kansas espouse. I grew up in Kansas, but left after graduating from college in 1964. I returned two years ago to assist my aging mother and found a Kansas I did not recognize. Moderation and fair play championed by the likes of Eisenhower and Dole have given way to idealogues such as Pompeo and Brownback. The blatant influence of the Koch brothers is particularly distasteful and racism seems as prevalent as ever.
    I delivered the Times in the early fifties and often encountered Mr. Raleigh (sic) Clymer, the publisher. He was opinionated, influential, and highly respected by his peers and his readers. I suspect you are well on the way to achieving the same honors.
    Bill Hill
    El Dorado
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