The Wildcats cross country team had their first action of the season at the WSU Invitational on a sunny and warm Saturday at Raft Ranch.
"It was warmer than forecasted. By the time the varsity races occurred, the temperature was a factor," said El Dorado head coach David Herrs.
For the Junior Varsity, Freshman Trey Duran competed well in his first high school Cross Country race. His time was significantly better than his time in last Saturday's practice race.
"Both of our varsity squads are slightly ahead of where we stood at this time last year. There are some encouraging signs that hopefully indicate we should be able to improve," said Herrs.
Three of the nine runners who had competed at Raft Ranch previously recorded a course personal record.
Breck Towner showed the most improvement for the Wildcats with a course PR by 1:32.
"I think if you look at the team scores, we were reasonably competitive with the other schools that are about our size. If our top five boys varsity runners all have a solid day at a meet, our team score for that meet should be pretty good," said Herrs.
The Wildcats will be at Wamego this Saturday.

Runner Final Time, Final Place Honors
JV Boys (76 runners)
Trey Duran (9) 22:03 47th
Bill Crowley (9) 27:45 74th
Varsity Girls (67 runners)
Faith Hadley (11) 18:14 37th
Tori Gricol (11) 20:17 58th
Katy Swan (10) 20:35 60th course PR (by :12)
Andi Copeland (12) 23:38 66th
Morgan Greene (9) 24:38 67th
Varsity Boys (76 runners)
Breck Towner (10) 18:53 27th course PR (by 1:32)
John Scott (11) 19:03 32nd course PR (by :20)
Sam Haines (12) 19:28 42nd
Donavan Whitfield (12) 20:23 61st
Jacob Harding (9) 20:56 66th
Tanner Clites (11) 23:04 74th
Team Scores
Varsity Girls
Maize South 29, Wichita Trinity 60, Wichita East 66, Kapaun Mt. Carmel 114, Blue Valley West 115, Wichita North 150, Gardner-Edgerton 167, Campus 216, McPherson 228, El Dorado 288, Andover 302
Varsity Boys
Wichita North 29, Kapaun Mt. Carmel 54, Blue Valley West 89, Campus 102, Maize South 150, Gardner-Edgerton 157, Wichita East 192, McPherson 216, El Dorado 223, Andover 262, Wichita Trinity 273