It was in Pirate City, Fla., where Augusta junior Kolton Schenker enjoyed some fancy treatment during his stay for the Under Armour Baseball Nationals two week ago.

"The dorms were nice, with flat screens in the room. They had steaks and good food, too. It was cool," Schenker said.

Schenker was honored just to be invited to the prestigious event, and he took full advantage of it. Schenker helped lead his team to a 3-0 record in pool play on way to his age group's respective championship

Schenker pitched six innings over two games, and he did not allow a single hit. Only one pitch even got out of the outfield. AS he started pitching, coaches were so impressed that they scrambled to get the radar gun to clock his pitches.

He had two strikeouts in a two-inning stint and four more strikeouts in a four-inning stretch. He allowed two total walks.

At the plate, Schenker was 1-for-2 with a walk in the first game and finished 2-for-6 overall with three walks and a sac-fly. He also stole several bases.

Plenty of baseball talent was there. Schenker's coach was a former triple-A player for the Atlanta Braves. He got to watch some minor league players in action, as well. He picked up several tips of advice to improve his mechanics.

"They worked on my gloves not being so up when I go to throw the ball. They broke it down on video, and I didn't realize it was so high," Schenker said. "That's losing three or four miles an hour."

Schenker said his teammates were fun to be around, too.

"Our team got along like we had been together all summer."

It wasn't all fun and games, though. Schenker and the rest of the camp got a little taste of what professional were like. After breakfast at 6 a.m., they would do stretches, exercises and drills consisting of different types of jumping jacks, difficult push-ups, some leg and core workouts and lots of running. And these periods of stretching were twice per day.

"Your legs would be done after that," Schenker said with a laugh.

The players also attended seminars and meetings every night.

Schenker, who has been a key pitcher for Augusta's baseball team during his first two years, said he will continue to improve his game throughout the year. Schenker said he even got invited to another camp this fall at Iowa Western, a good baseball university that focuses on hitter-pitcher combo players, like Schenker can be.