Erin's Little Corner: I wasn't ready for G and Little Missy to be back in school.

Hubby recently told a fellow dad that he thought I was ready for G and Little Missy to be back in school. This was a reasonable conclusion, drawn from the increasing number of days my husband came home to his crazy-eyed wife, she who'd had enough of the noise for one day. And who, from her craziness, had started talking about herself in the third person.

But the truth is that I wasn't ready for them to be back in school and away from me for seven hours a day, five days a week. After a few days of my frustration at the noise Hubby gave me a free pass to leave each and every day, if I so chose, just to get coffee by myself. We rearranged storage and laundry in the basement to give the kids a nice play area and TV area, away from me. And I stopped hesitating to tell the kids that we needed an hour of quiet time while Baby Chickadee napped. Because while my kids are kind and clever, sometimes after they've talked to me and over each other for a certain number of hours that day, I can no longer appreciate their kindness and cleverness. After an hour of QUIET I sure can again.

So all last week I was a little weepy that our summer was already over. Then Tuesday after dropping the kids at school Baby Chickadee and I met friends at the bakery before taking a long walk around the neighborhood, just because I wasn't ready to face the quiet, empty house.

That afternoon we picked up G and Little Missy and I chatted with moms I hadn't seen all summer. The routine is back and it isn't all bad. I brought home my kids who are still kind and clever--albeit more tired--and after a day full of a semi-quiet house, I welcome their noise.

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