70 YEARS AGO - 1942

Property owners were responsible for sidewalks and the city was sending out letters to many instructing them to repair or install new ones.

School Superintendent H.H. Robinson announced that school would begin on Sept. 8.

The local draft board received official word from Washington that married men with children would not be called for selective service at that time.

1942 Extra: The Gazette recipes included "Vanilla Frost," a bit of vanilla, 2 cups of milk, ice, and a carbonated soda pop.

60 YEARS AGO - 1952

The 4th annual summer picnic of Lily Lake Community Association was held at Garvin Park.

Six Augusta teenage boys appeared before a judge after being caught by police swimming in the city lake. According to reports, the teens disrobed on the dike and swam over to the tower and were diving off the tower, unaware of the danger from the large intake pipes below the surface at the tower. The boys were reprimanded by the judge and released.

There was excitement at the W.J. Small dehydrating plant north of Douglass when lightening struck one of the Socony's submerged gas tanks. The explosion blew out both ends of the tank and broke about a dozen windows in the building, but no one was injured.

New residents in Augusta were Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Cauthron, formerly of Booneville, Ark. Doug had just been discharged from the Army and had served in Germany.

50 YEARS AGO - 1952

Work behind the city building was progressing. The approaches to the new fire house were poured and there were plans to improve the city parking area, as well.

With temperatures reaching only into the middle to high 70's, the Augusta pool was closed for another day in a very cool season.

The local First Christian Church voted in a congregational meeting, to purchase a new site. The 3.75 acres in the 1600 block of State St. would be the location for a new building.

R.E. "Bob" Stanford was named Santa Fe agent to succeed John Stanley, Sr., who had retired.

40 YEARS AGO - 1972

Pauline Bostwick was honored by the Augusta Board of Education for her services as treasurer of USD 402 for 9 years. Prior to being appointed treasurer, Mrs. Bostwick served 12 years as a BOE member.

Former Augusta Mayor and Butler County Clerk, R.A. Blowey had died at age 66. He was married to Maxine Davis Skaer.

30 YEARS AGO - 1982

The new Head Start school would be t 654 Santa Fe. DeAnn Camp would be replacing Patsy Mitchell as the teacher.

The Board of Education decided to keep the Augusta Junior High guidance counselor position for the next school year. The decision came after John Penney's retirement and the BOE's request to study the need for the position.

20 YEARS AGO - 1992

Responding to community efforts to raise $10,000 to assist with construction of a new facility for the Augusta Community Caring Center, employees of the local Wal-Mart were banding together to raise $2,000 for the work.

Butler County Commissioners signed off on plans to renovate and expand the county courthouse. The project would cost around $11.5 million.

Sixteen year-old Justin Bird of Augusta, was the winner of Super Quest, a national computer science challenge at the University of Illinois.

10 YEARS AGO - 2002

Terry Wilson ha become interim Postmaster at the Augusta Post Office. He was replacing Richard Bishop who had been serving as Postmaster and was re-locating to Texas.

Rob and Kelly Martindale were photographed with a small piranha fish they caught at the north end of the Augusta City Lake.

The Augusta Arts Council was the recipient of the 2002 Heritage Trust Fund and the money would go to the Theatre Marquee Renovation Project. The grant amount was $33,500.

The 12th annual Jake Cauthron Memorial Golf Tournament was played at the Augusta Country Club.