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  • The Augusta 2 mill increase is like punishment for those who pay their taxes. The City said the raise was mostly to make up for the people who didn't pay their taxes. What!!? What kind of deal is that? Is that incentive for the rest us to pay ours? No, not much. That is just wrong - they still won't pay theirs and we'll be paying more. You need to cut somewhere and quit making mistakes and bad guesses, and leave the good guys that pay alone. You should hear plenty about this one - what a gaffe! We need some better thinkers in there!!
    In response to the Viewpoint stating city officials can't know what's going on every minute -- really? They should know what's going on every minute and they need to know what these people they hired are working on...today the water truck was getting water out of the lake again for the sod. They're not supposed to be doing that! City officials should know what's going on every minute.
    Mitt Romney's presidential campaign is said to be centered around him "fixing everything that ails the United States." ...I don't think that Mitt Romney has a clue...it is like hearing the City Council talk about fixing everything that ails the City of Augusta! The sad thing about that is that what ails the City of Augusta is the City Council...I wish to remind the council of the popular comic strip, POGO, by Walt Kelly and the oft quoted statement by Pogo, "We have met the enemy and he is us."
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