Dave Trabert, president of Kansas Policy Institute, will speak about school finance at 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 2, in the art gallery of the Andover Public Library. 

He is a frequent speaker to business, legislative and civic groups and also does research and writes on fiscal policy and education issues. He is the author of “Kansas County Budget Analysis – In Search of Efficient Government;” “Volume III: Analysis of K-12 Spending in Kansas,: a primer on K-12 finance; and most recently “Removing Barriers to Better Public Education.”

Trabert regularly testifies before Kansas House and Senate committees on state budget, tax and education issues. He also serves on the Tax and Fiscal Policey Task Force for the American Legislative Exchanges Council and is a member of the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice’s Speakers Bureau.

He graduated cum laude from West Liberty State College with a degree in business administration.