El Dorado will again be the setting for a film planned to be released later this year.

El Dorado will again be the setting for a film planned to be released later this year.

El Dorado residents Barrett Voisin and Allan Johnson are working on the short film, which will be titled "Forsaken."

Voisin said he decided to complete the project, which had been an idea of his late aunt, in honor of her. The movie tells the story of a girl who is abandoned in the middle of nowhere, with a twist – she is in a wheelchair.

To understand what she would go through, Voisin and Johnson tried using a wheelchair to go down a country road, something they found extremely difficult.

Voisin has been doing video production for almost four years, including videos for products and skits, as well as a video for the drive-in.

"I thought it would be neat for my first real film to use my aunt's idea in memory of her," he said.
They began promoting this film about a month ago, although Voisin had been working on it since February, when he started writing the script.

They are still looking for a lead actress, although they have had a lot of interest from people for that role.
"Basically, we are still trying to get all of this in order," Voisin said.

That includes getting permission from a lot of landowners to film on their property, all of which will be around El Dorado.

To help with the film, they also are doing fundraising.

Anyone who donates $10 will receive a free copy of the DVD and anyone who donates $100 can get a cameo in the movie.

"I thought that was pretty unique," Voisin said.

One thing Voisin said will not be an issue is the weather.

He said regardless of rain or any other weather, they will continue to shoot the film.
"Whatever happens, we will go with it," he said.

They will have to work around the photography they do with Prairie Rose Pictures though, the other side of their business.

He described the movie as a "better produced Blair Witch Project style."

"What I'm aiming for is to put this in Kansas film festivals and do more projects like this and feature films," Voisin said.

They plan to have the film out by late November or early December. It will be about 30 minutes in length.

Anyone wanting to donate can send checks to Prairie Rose Pictures, 219 N. Topeka, El Dorado, KS 67042.  For more information about the movie, visit prairierosepictures.com or "like" them on Facebook.