Should Augusta allow any more new homes to be built or new subdivisions started when there is not enough water for our current population? Has Augusta reached its maximum growth potential because of our water supply? Should we just keep building and growing so people will have jobs and worry about completely running out of water later? Are we just in a bad weather pattern and if it was raining and the lake was full we wouldn't be thinking about any of this?

We, the residents of Augusta, should have a say in who the city attorney is. I understand he is appointed. We should get to vote on him.

Re: Gun control laws...
The heart of the matter is the heart.
One thing lacked in this killer’s life... accountability.
No amount of additional laws would have prevented this tragedy...
This killer was bent on destroying other lives and he attempted to use MANY means. (look at his booby trapped apartment)
Holmes apartment appears to have three types of explosives jars filled with accelerants, chemicals that would explode when mixed together and more than 30 improvised grenades, the official said. (Of course there is no discussion about a national data base for buying gasoline!)
Our society is broken... many families and neighbors no longer interact with each other.
It was obvious (from those who encountered this killer) that he was having serious mental problems. (It's even reported that his voice over his answering machine was so bizarre that a membership to a shooting club was denied.)
Those who 'knew' him refused to get involved.
Our culture is bent toward isolationism. 'Leave me alone and I will leave you alone.'
Solution: Denounce and abandon our current violent pop culture and promote traditional moral values. Remember there are 350 million hand guns in the United States. If that many guns are available... where is the carnage?
The heart of the matter is the heart.