After the recent approvals by the Augusta school board earlier this month, construction of new restrooms for the football stadium and baseball field at Augusta High School has been underway. The restrooms by Hillier Stadium will be just south of the main entrance, near the corner of the parking lot. The base of the new addition will be approximately 28 feet by 32 feet, according to some of the workers.  Before these restrooms, fans would have to walk around to the north side of the field and into the high school. They’ll still have to go that direction for conessions. Construction for the new restrooms at Hillier Stadium is estimated to be done in time for football season. The Orioles’ first home game will be the season opener Augusta 31 against Circle. For the new addition at Rod Wheeler Stadium, though, there will be restrooms, concessions and a small dressing room for officials. Previously, fans would have to trek to Augusta Softball Complex for concessions while only  portable restrooms were available at the baseball field.  A late addition to the construction plans includes laying a concrete base on the visitor’s side that eventually will be used for new bleachers.